As per their instructions: Start by applying 3-inch-long strips of 2-inch wide masking tape to the reverse side of the paper on all four corners. Stretching watercolor paper? Leaving the merits of the sketch aside for the moment. I found some linen archival tape, but that’s pretty expensive for throwaway applications like this, fine as it may be for mounting. Stretching your watercolour doesn't have to be messy or difficult. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "watercolor paper tape" Looneng Water Activated Gummed Kraft Paper Tape - 36mm Width x 54.7 yd Length - Stretching Paper, Tamper Evident 4.3 out of 5 stars 115 The average time for soaking with 300 gsm paper is at least 5 minutes. Adhesives—so useful when we need them and yet sometimes so annoying when they leave residue in places where we don't want it. And others don’t tape their paper down at all. After a lot of experimenting with different techniques, however, I finally settled on using blue painter’s tape (like this stuff) to stretch my paper. We need some self adhesive masking tape. 95 ($2.49/Item) I really abuse that paper, yet it still holds up and won’t buckle. March 19, 2019 at 4:45 am #800316. Using a large brush, saturate the front of the sheet completely with water (you can’t use too much, so be generous). The paper may or not may not be stretched prior to mounting to a board/surface. should the outline/drawing go on before or after the stretching? MASKING TAPE 80° Plus. Crepe paper tape is resistant to paint leakage and shows excellent performance. They then paint, let it dry, cut it off the board and then can trim the gumstrip tape off the paper … STRETCHING PAPER. if the masking tape is tearing your paper, you can reduce the stickiness of the tape by sticking it to your clothes a few times.. give that a try before getting a washi tape.. 0. Use a clean paper towel or sponge to blot excess water from the sheet. Recommended for body shops and paint companies at medium temperatures. 48 mm x 55 m Automotive Refinish Gold Masking Tape Rolls by 3M®. Thanks! Using a Paper Stretcher. You can do it with masking tape and be ready to paint 15 minutes! Another fine alternative to stretching watercolor paper. Many artists soak or stretch their watercolor paper prior to painting. Brown gummed tape is the only one you can use to stretch watercolor paper. May 1, 1999 at 6:59 pm #996943. efountain. Let the sheet dry overnight. Two, I don't want paint to seep under the paper edges. Remember to apply a little water to the adhesive of the paper but not too much as that can ruin the glue. 5 … Using tape for stretching watercolour paper. Mostly I've been painting on heavier paper/board, but I've recently bought some rice paper that I'd like to use and I don't want it to buckle. i don't use gummed tape because if you're not careful it'll get stuck to the paper painter's tape, or regular masking tape will work fine. Note that when you tape it down, you’re pretty much going to lose the part that you tape. I've tried stretching it by soaking and using water activated tape in the past, but didn't see any difference in the finished piece/ while painting. MASKING TAPE 80° Plus technical data sheet It is resistant to bending or stretching. Performs best at steady temperatures and is recommend for indoor applications. The tape around the edges of the paper is usually left on and can be hidden with a mount. A popular method for fixing watercolour paper to a board or work surface is by using masking tape or gummed brown paper tape. Let the paper dry overnight. Automotive Refinish Masking Tape, sticks, stays, and removes cleanly. Some artists just use masking tape. If the tape pulls free from the board, just moisten it and secure it again. Staple one corner of the paper to the board. Place along all four outer edges of the paper, covering just about ¼” of the paper. I do this for 3 reasons--one, I don't want paint to pool around the staples. Too wet a sponge has been used to moisten the gum strip and the gum is wiped off, preventing it from sticking. I double blue painter's tape to make it double sided, and attach my dry paper to the Gator board at all 4 corners. This system will leave no holes in the deckle, and is easy enough to use that artists of all ages will be delighted. Stretching Your Paper. You can do it with masking tape and be ready to paint 15 minutes! Especially fine Japanese paper prevents paint from running under the masking tape. In the case of removing brown gummed watercolor tape from stretched paper, it's best to leave a wide enough margin to trim it off of the paper completely, because removing it risks wrecking your painting. Professional and DIY crepe paper masking tape with hot melt adhesive featuring excellent stretching performance to mask curved surfaces, bends and round shapes. The only tool needed, a t-wrench is encluded in your order. Gummed paper tape, which is sometimes difficult to find, has been replaced with masking tape or brown sticky tape. I soak it properly and tape it down, and I even go through the trouble of carefully drying the outside inch or so where the masking tape will sit to allow the adhesive to bond properly, but as the paper dries and shrinks it buckles to the point of pulling itself away from the tape, and sometimes lifting the tape … It is a chore to do this, but there will be no more valleys collecting the paint and no more buckles. Lightly wet gummed paper tape or butcher tape with a sponge or paintbrush (do not soak or use too much water on the tape as it will wash away the adhesive). Can I use masking tape to stretch watercolor paper? Painting on the stretched paper was a joy from start to finish. Hello all, I am new to watercolor painting and have some questions about stretching watercolor paper. These don’t stick and they don’t stretch with the paper. Measure out strips of your gummed tape along each side of your dry paper, tearing or cutting them so that each width is about 6cm wider than each side of your paper. To alleviate buckling when water is applied, they suggest a stretching procedure utilizing tape tabs. The stretched paper, however, remained flat as you could imagine throughout. This is not what I call paper stretching. Next, the second staple goes in the corner that is closest to the first staple. Step 8. 24 mm x 55 m Automotive Refinish Masking Tape (6653) by 3M®. if the paper is bound in a notebook thing, is there a way of stretching it without removing it? Lay it on your board and dry the top surface of the paper completely with a paper towel. The 1.5 inch tape might be easier to handle if you can get it. I have tried various methods and for me, the best method is to wet the paper and tape it down with gummed tape, which is tape specifically made for stretching of paper. The special properties of paper as a backing material are seen in the ease with which it can be ripped by hand, its good suppleness and the possibility of stretching it up to 50 percent. 1 Sleeve. Also used to seal industrial paper bags before sewing. 3M 06656 2 Inch Masking Tape Yellow 6/Sleeve. ... All they have now is self-adhesive plastic stuff, or masking tape. Stretching the paper. The classic, and standard method is to use water-adhesive tape available from any art store: Gummed Paper Tape 2In X 75Ft: Everything Else This has been the standard for many years. Tape the sheet to the board using gummed paper tape or masking tape. This allows the paper to expand fully. Automotive Refinish Masking Tape, 006653, sticks, stays, and removes cleanly. Blue painter's tape, adhesive tape nor masking tape will stick to wet paper. Must be applied on a clean surface (without traces of oil, grease, solvent) and dry conditions. I just got tired of fighting with tape, stretching, clips, whatever. The one inch wide tape works well, but is a bit fiddly to apply. How to Stretch your Watercolor Paper: THE EASY WAY! It's easy to find information on how to stretch paper for watercoloring, but it seems to be impossible to find the 'butcher's tape' you're supposed to use! She is using Arches 140lb Cold Pressed Bright White paper. I use 140lb/300gm paper & just tape it down dry to a solid board with masking tape. it's tricky, but it can be done the largest I've stretched is 30X40. ... Now, use plain old masking tape around the stapled edges. I have heard of watercolour painters that stretch their paper as usual and then apply masking tape to cover the inside edge of the paper in a small border, just inside the gumstrip. ... Cut strips of gummed tape to the proper length to adhere paper to board, allowing for a comfortable overlap. I never do. I measure by eye, just unrolling the tape and holding it against the paper as I go. Or, if you don’t want to use a watercolor block, you can tape it down with masking tape. MATERIALS NEEDED: -Your paper should be 100% RAG or cotton (artist grade paper) The Otto Paper Stretcher is the easiest way to stretch watercolor paper without tacks or tape. The magic solution to this method of stretching watercolour paper is masking tape! And three, I just like a clean, white edge once the painting is complete. Tape for Stretching Paper . Once the paper is dry, I use white artist tape or beige masking tape to cover the staples and paper edges. I don't even think you need to stretch 140 lb paper. 3M 06653 1 Inch Masking Tape Yellow Roll. ... Lightly draw on the mountains and the tree shapes, then use masking fluid to cover the other small shapes such as twigs and buildings. Happy Painting! It is also resistant and absorbent up to over 180° C. Masking tape NR 60 provides instant adhesion and is easy to use. 1 Roll. I have used the 1 inch variety below. Simply soak your paper for 5-10 minutes. Stretching is a simple process that ensures the perfect painting surface for watercolour and gouache and involves soaking the paper, taping it down whilst wet and, as it dries, shrinking it only to the extent that the tape will allow so that it has no movement at all when further layers of water are applied. It works really well for relatively small pieces. If I were using a lighter weight paper I would *definitely* stretch it. 0. Although not as wet as I often work, had this been taped using masking tape in my usual fashion, the paper would definitely have cockled some. Stretching paper in the above manner is the most economical way to get a flat and taut painting surface, however, the results can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. The Otto Paper Stretcher comes in sizes to fit a full, half, quarter and even 1/8th of a full sheet of watercolor paper. Easy to apply on bends or curved surfaces. That stuff buckles like crazy on me. Place the tape along all four edges of the paper, covering about a quarter of an inch. Washi tape also seems to be an … MEEDEN 3/4-inch Masking Tape, 6 Pack×60Yard White Masking Tape for Art Painting Home, Office, School Stationery, Arts, Crafts Labeling 4.4 out of 5 stars 53 $14.95 $ 14 . You cannot easily remove the tape from the paper, so if the stretching fails because the tape pulls away on two sides, there is little you can do to fix it. tape down the whole sheet to a board or a very clean hard floor (i've done this on tile before) then get a spray bottle and a sponge. Taping it down with masking tape. Allow for approximately 1/2-inch overhang beyond the paper. 12.2" x 180 ft. This is typically done on lighter-weight watercolor sheets to stop the paper from buckling when wet media is applied to the surface.