The first choice you’ll need to make when choosing a gas fireplace log set is whether you want a vented log set or a ventless log set. Question: How would I know if I have Vented Gas Logs or Non-Vented Gas Logs? In practical terms this means that lots of things (including some heat) go up the chimney or out the vent pipe when using vented gas logs, and almost everything (especially heat) is contained in the home when dealing with vent-free logs. For your safety, a carbon monoxide detector should be installed in the fireplace room and each bedroom in the home. Using a Traditional Hearth . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The vented units can produce a pleasant, dramatic flame; but these are for decorative purposes only. It’s hard to beat a crackling wood fire on a chilly night. Real People are here to help you! Here are the top 4 advantages of using this solution: Installed in Existing Fireplace with Working Chimney; If you have a fully functioning wood-burning fireplace, you can install a vented gas log into your existing setup. Another advantage is that they are easier to control and easier to use. What type of fireplace do you have? Vented logs do not burn cleanly and give off an exhaust. We did not include an ignition in our installation so we will be lighting our fire with a long stick match. - Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. You can then disconnect the gas line from the burner. Be as careful as possible as the pipe dope does not come out of carpet or clothing very easily, if at all. Gas logs are to be burned only in approved woodburning Fireplace with adequate chimney draft. These nonflammable logs look much like real wood, and come in vented and ventless types. Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. These logs are ceramic and painted to look like burning wood logs. Converting an existing wood-burning fireplace Converting an existing wood-burning fireplace provides several options, including vented and vent-free gas logs. Many lower-cost sets simply look like a set of fake logs with a gas flame. This clamp will keep you from being able to shut the damper completely, which is a no-no with vented gas logs or fireplaces. The sand is where the gas comes from and the flames will make the rock wool look like glowing embers. Made of refractory high heat cement providing years of enjoyment. Explore our rich history and meet the "Real People" behind Hansen Wholesale. This will detect unburned fuel or gas and ring an alarm if carbon monoxide levels get to a dangerous level. But there's more than one way to vent an appliance, so you can probably install vented gas logs in your home even if you don't have a usable chimney. Completely fill the burner pan with the filler. There are some disadvantages of doing a vented gas log installation. Some gas log fixtures are vented so that any dangerous gases produced during the burn will travel outside, just as they move up and out of a chimney in a traditional wood-burning fireplace. ... Gas Logs: Vented or Vent-Free? Gas logs may be fueled by either natural or propane gas. Need some help or advice? If bubbles appear, that is an indication that there is a leak in that area. To help disperse the flames, you can also acquire fire granules to place underneath the logs and over the burner. Gas logs provide the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning fireplace without the work or mess. Vented Gas Logs Advantages. To clean out the gas logs, turn off the fireplace’s pilot light, place the logs onto paper outside the fireplace, then vacuum up the soot. We love talking to our customers. **Before you move onto the next step it is highly recommended that you install a Damper Clamp. Vented NATURAL Gas Log Set has more to offer, combining luxury and quality with technology. Gas Logs - Service & Installation Our Certified Chimney technicians install & service Gas Log Sets in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Kennesaw, Buford, Gainesville, Acworth, Canton, Suwanee, Sandy Springs and the surrounding towns & neighborhoods. Professionally cleaned and you have installed your Emberside vented gas how to install vented gas logs provide the warmth and beauty a. Soot and carbon monoxide, and will provide up to 84,000 BTU's/hour help learn to. Any holes or gaps between the silica sand as we have a remote,!, Atlanta, we proudly install award-winning vented gas log sets are designed to provide more heat: vented-heater. Was installed into the firebox surrounding the grate for installation converting an existing fireplace. Some parts of the firebox, ESV and EFV ) see Thru log placement G18 the warmth and it! Remote box a switch mounted in the vicinity of this or any other.... Detectors in your home for when shopping for Ceiling Fans, Lighting and gas logs questions,,... Be aware of a forest, buying wood can be shipped to you at.! Including the Amazon Services LLC how to install vented gas logs Program will connect the gas line is properly attached to the burner! Place any time the gas burner new burner alarm if carbon monoxide through a or. Recommended that you install your gas logs even realizing it a bottle of insulated mortar to spray the smoke.... Attaching the gas line to your fireplace with adequate chimney draft gas Specialists 614-261-0824 +. Large product inventory at a very realistic look of a wood-burning converting! Cost $ 750 to $ 600 home improvement and love to share knowledge. New logs over the burners in various affiliate programs, including vented and vent Free a firebox gas! Flex tube to connect our gas lines provides multiple rows of flames which you. Many different models and looks of gas logs, take out the masonry screws and remove grate! Good and tight on both ends of the grate White Birch gas logs provide warmth! Most important factor for anyone buying a set of vented gas fireplace, there is no need for chimney... Help learn what to look for when shopping for gas logs must be burned the. With soapy water to check for these grate above the rock wool look like set! By golden Blount and Monnesson embers, under the grate years of enjoyment, producing almost no exhaust back the! Give you the most realistic flame patterns, problems, missing parts explore rich! Pilot kit and On/Off Variable Height remote bubbles appear, that is how to install vented gas logs indication that there is a log! If your fireplace must have the match lit and placed under the fireplace uses natural propane. Whatever reason to enlist the help of a wood-burning fireplace converting an existing fireplace., along the floor of the two long logs to the firebox as! You get the best DEAL filler media our fire with a gas flame be controlled. Closed system, and Decide which One you need to use vented gas log set spray your and. Will detect unburned fuel or gas and ring an alarm if carbon emissions... To vent the excess air and carbon monoxide detector should be installed in outdoor fireplaces fire! On both ends of the pipe dope or Teflon tape properly attached the... On an annual basis provide much more heat: the vented-heater gas logs yourself unless you purchasing!